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Ryan Geerdink - Gheeh

Co-Founder, Chief of Sustainability.

International-looking, kind, hungry, athletic, semi-adrenaline-junkie

Propaedeutic in Physical Therapy

Bsc. Science Business & Innovation

Msc. Physics in Science Business & Innovation




Because LLL allows me to express my interest in sustainability in relation to lifestyle. I want to find ways to change our lifestyle and restore balance. I really like to test new things and see the results, most times in the form of a challenge, which fits nicely in a Living Life Lab!

Getting all the plastic out of the ocean

- Ryan's choice


Pollution free air

Discipline is more important than passion.

Nasi Goreng for breakfast...



You get shipwrecked and you just reach the closest tropical island. With who you want to be stuck with on that island?

John Ehrenfeld. I would love to meet the man who gave me the confidence that my intuition about sustainability and life was in the right direction.