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Rosanne warmerdamthe geek

Co-Founder, Chief of Science.

Bsc. Biomedical Science

Msc. Biomedical Science



You get shipwrecked and you just reach the closest tropical island. With who you want to be stuck with on that island?


Jane Goodall, I would love to go on a trip into the tropical forest and maybe spot some chimpanzees. At night, around the campfire, we can talk about all the things she learned from life. Maybe we can also come up with some creative solutions that will improve the health of this world. 

Geek, cheerful, analytic, explorer, wipeout-queen.




Relax, keep on breathing and be playful. 

Chocolate and some after surf burgers made by Gheeh. 

Living Life Lab gives me the opportunity to contribute to a healthier world by following my curiosity and enthusiasm. Every day I get the chance to think, talk, and create solutions that will help us to make a step towards a healthier world. 

Everbody get's access to

clean drinking water


Education - Geek's choice