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There are still a lot of opportunities to learn more about the connection between human and planetary health through research. We invest time and energy in finding answers that give us a better understanding how we can create more health on a global level.

Healthy communities 

With a growing number of people living in cities we need to find solutions that create more health and which can be applied in an urban environment, taking into account the BodyMindPlanet connection. We strongly believe in the power of community driven change.


We are in the funding process for getting funding for a project on ecosystem health in Salt Spring Island (British Columbia). In this project we try to create a narrative that grounds the notion of ecosystem health in relation to human health within the community.

local government

Our vision about health has been an inspiration for public health policy making at a local government level in The Netherlands.


Using our 5 Key Lifestyle Elements; Eat Healthy, Move Healthy, Stress Healthy, Socialize Healthy, Connect Healthy, as pillars for their public health policy and initiatives.

Health & Business

We believe that we can only create health if we apply it in the structures of our societies. This means that also at a business level we have to look at what can be done. We believe that health is a win-win strategy. 

We advise businesses about the possibilities of implementing our vision into their business model.

FASHion industry

We analyzed the entire lifecycle of clothes -from growing cotton and making fabrics, manufacturing, transportation, packaging, consumption to garbage bin- calculating the amount of carbon, water and waste that is produced alongside the product. Together with this fashion brand we made a plan and advised them ow they can achiever their sustainability ambitions.


With our background in biomedical sciences and sustainability, we experienced firsthand the gap between knowledge at research institutes and general knowledge around the subject of health. With presentations, business courses and creative concepts, we want to give everybody access to this knowledge.
The Health Basics is a digital version of our presentation about science and a healthy way of living. 

public health organization

For a public health organization in the Netherlands we made a Health Game that was designed to educate teenagers about “ways to relax and recover”. They learned about the effects that mobile devices and screen time has on their energy levels. We gave them tips and tricks on how to relax so they can recharge their physical and mental batteries.

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