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Creating Health.



Living Life Lab is build on a vision that human and planetary health are connected. 


The health and well-being of humans strongly depends on the health of it’s natural environment. From the food we eat, to the air we breathe and the water we drink. The other way around, the health of the natural environment is heavily influenced by lifestyle of humans. We call it the BodyMindPlanet connection. 




Our goal is to create more human and planetary health. We do this by researching the BodyMindPlanet connection and apply this knowledge to build healthy communities.


The current health system is focused on curing diseases, mostly by prescribing pills and therapies. Although this is necessary we do not believe that curing diseases is the same as creating health. 


To create health in our communities we have to look at the entire BodyMindPlanet connection. Building the structures of our societies on a fundament that supports and stimulates a healthy way of living for humans and facilitates the natural environment to flourish.





We all know that human life can only exist in an ecosystem, in which trees produce oxygen, we can grow food, have clean water and much more. All these things are made possible by a rich biodiversity of plants and animals. Although we are aware of our dependency on nature we almost never connect that to our human health strategies.


At Living Life Lab we research the BodyMindPlanet connection, learning more about human health but also about the link between health and sustainability. We do that to create more knowledge and understanding about this connection.


Besides learning more about the BodyMindPlanet connection our biggest goal is to translate our vision into projects that create health at the community level. Helping to build fundamental structures into society that supports and stimulates human and planetary health.


Living Life Lab is a strategic and tactical partner of (local) governments and organizations that have the ambition to create more health into their communities.

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