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Daan warmerdamspindoc

Co-Founder, Creative Mastermind.

Bsc. International Relations & Organizations

Fixing the gap between the rich and the poor


Reduce the emissions of CO2 to zero - Daan's choice



You get shipwrecked and you just reach the closest tropical island. With who you want to be stuck with on that island?


Barack Obama, just having a chat about life and politics with a coconut in our hands after a little body surf session.

That would be so great.

Tall, analytical, creative, LEGO Champion & Obama-fan.



The GP once told me, that I have to live in the tropics, because the cold water is not good for my ears. I couldn't agree more.

Definitely cookies after a 

surf session.  

Living Life Lab is the perfect vehicle to get in contact with other people and it gives me the opportunity to create a positive change in this world. I love the moment when I get to translate our ideas and solutions in a cool and visual way.